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Project Description:
Reconstruction of El Paso's historic San Jacinto Plaza in downtown is well underway. In 2012, El Pasoans voted to approve a 2012 Quality of Life bond that included the reconstruction of San Jacinto Plaza.

Reconstruction began with curb and gutter work to expand the plaza by 10 feet in all directions. In January 2014, El Paso City Council gave the final go-ahead for phase II of reconstruction of San Jacinto Plaza. Renovations include; a 50-square-foot shade structure to protect Luis Jimenez' Los Lagartos sculpture, an interactive water feature or "splash pad," public surfaces for games, a full-service café as well as benches, sidewalks and landscaping. The 54-foot Afghan pine tree used for the City's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony will continue to be part of the plaza. Completion of San Jacinto Plaza is scheduled for early 2015.

Watch ongoing construction of San Jacinto Plaza provided by the City of El Paso. The high definition plaza camera offers a live, real-time view of the construction site with camera views and angles that are updated around the clock. Interactive options include; zoom-in capabilities, an interactive calendar to see what happened at the construction site on a certain day, and a time-lapse video. Images can also be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Live Streaming Camera Time-Lapse Construction Camera Time-Lapse Panorama Camera