Space, Air and Ground Imaging

The innovators in construction camera technology now offer photography documentation from a 3,000,000 foot elevation to a 3 inch interior detail.

The most advanced construction imaging services available

Improve jobsite efficiencies from groundbreaking to project completion with innovative imaging technology and services.

Jobsite Documentation

Document your entire construction project, inside and out, using EarthCam’s construction cameras and integrated imaging service. With this unique technology combination, document jobsite activity in live streaming video or HD megapixel images while capturing jobsite photos of interior progress. Integrate the photos into site plans that can be shared with colleagues to create an indisputable record of any construction process. Compare progress and mitigate risk with this interactive, behind-the-scenes visual record of any building's structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire systems.

  • Upload and plot geotagged photos from an iPhone/iPad to site plans
  • Troubleshoot in real-time using inspection-grade images & live video
  • Easy-to-use storage and hosting of all your photos and videos

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Photography Documentation Software

EarthCam provides the most robust construction photo management software available, including a secure back end to upload images as well as an easy-to-use front end solution to view and manage your information. The simple, searchable library of inspection-grade images can be indexed by staff, trade, time, date, location on the jobsite, and keyword tags. Geotagged images can be marked and overlayed as a virtual x-ray, comparing different stages in construction.

  • Interact with and analyze key information in a user-friendly interface
  • Assign work orders based on geotagged image information
  • Collaborate with project teams worldwide, marking up images for change orders and dispute resolution

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On-site Photographer Services

For a hassle-free experience, rely on EarthCam's worldwide professional network of on-site photographers. These image specialists are well-versed in both the latest camera technology and the construction industry. Partner with the expert to customize your documentation needs, capturing landscapes to minute details in striking clarity. With a global team of photographers using multiple camera and lens options, you can choose the company with support in your backyard.

  • Rely on a professional to capture, upload & index images
  • Flexible scheduling ensures you don't miss any progress milestones
  • Maximize existing resources by relying on a professional photographer to document your project

You have options when documenting your construction process and EarthCam provides a simple platform that stores all your images in an easily accessible format. Today's construction projects have numerous team members all taking photos from digital cameras or mobile devices. With EarthCam's simple, secure service all images can be quickly uploaded to one location, unifying all your visual documentation. Upload an unlimited number of photos to have an indisputable record of pre-existing and as-built conditions.

  • Keep it simple and cost effective with one clear monthly fee
  • Mitigate risk with essential, visual data available at your fingertips
  • Utilize our servers, storage, support and training to save time & money
Site Map Cam App

Download the professional construction photo documentation app specifically designed to help project teams collaborate and organize jobsite images from anywhere.
Take a picture from your jobsites using your iPhone / iPad camera, geo-tag it, transcribe an audio note and save it (with local weather data) to your site plans. Architects, engineers, project developers and contractors now have one dedicated, easy-to-use platform with all the necessary visual information to make quick decisions.

  • Save, email and share photos in real time with project team members
  • Changes made remotely synchronize with the secure online site
  • iPhone & iPad app makes it easy to integrate photos into site plans

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Interiors and Renovations

Make smart business decisions based on information provided throughout your construction project. This unique technology has numerous benefits, including providing due diligence on as-built conditions of past renovations, a record of materials on site and information to reduce dispute claims. Manage and operate an efficient, transparent interior construction project with inspection-grade images.

  • Developers & owners use a visual tour to show the value of locations
  • Clients are guaranteed the quality of work behind walls in their space
  • Investors can keep track of project materials and specifications
360° Immersive Tour

Your interior location deserves an image that you can showcase in marketing and promotional material. EarthCam photographers employ specialized 360° bubble technology for detailed wide-angle effects and interactive virtual tours. This photo tour allows users to travel from marker to marker through the jobsite. Images taken with an ultra-wide lens are stitched together, capturing the context of multiple walls and angles in a room.

  • Walk through a virtual jobsite using HD photos of real time conditions
  • Capture your work in each room in one seamless shot
  • Market & promote your project with an interactive dynamic experience
Gigapixel Photography

The ultimate in jobsite documentation, EarthCam photographers provide 1, 5 and 10 gigapixel panoramas. These images, comprised of over 10,000,000,000 pixels, are customized per project to highlight and enhance the tiniest details of your construction progress. Advanced software automatically stitches together multiple megapixel snapshots into a seamless, non-pixelated 10,000 megapixel image. Blow away the competition with a unique and compelling picture that only EarthCam can provide.

  • Document large areas from great distances
  • Zoom in to this high resolution panorama to resolve conflicts
  • Market and promote your company as an industry leader by using the latest in camera imaging technology

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Aerial Imaging

Document your construction project progress from a unique vantage point with EarthCam's aerial imaging partnerships. We handle the details and then provide you with a comprehensive site plan analysis, including elevation information. Overlay project management tools and virtual building models to show various stages of construction, from past to future. Index regular aerial views alongside your detailed interior images for a rich portfolio.

  • Solve disputes & regulation issues with site-wide detailed images
  • Market and promote your project with a picturesque birds-eye view
  • Elevated images capture pre-existing conditions, beauty shots and demonstrate progress
Satellite Imagery

EarthCam utilizes satellites to map, monitor and measure the entire scope of any engineering or infrastructure project from 0.5-meter resolution imagery. The 0.5-meter resolution imagery is so accurate that it discerns an object on the ground approximately 16 inches in size using both multispectral imagery and panchromatic imagery.

  • Create custom photographs of your jobsite from commercial satellites
  • Economical way to review and inspect remote sites and large areas
  • Coverage is up to 100 sq kilometers (38.6 sq miles) per pass

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Government GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0719P

Rely on EarthCam's extensive knowledge of government contracts to win federal agency bids. Our government approved solutions meet the needs of this heavily regulated industry. Feel secure knowing that EarthCam will monitor your project to comply with government standards and virtual photo tours with interactive panorama images will showcase the high quality of your work.

  • EarthCam software meets government bid requirements
  • Inspection grade photography provides data and transparency
  • Partner with a firm that is approved by the internationally renowned Design and Construction Excellence Programs