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LIVE Streaming Video

Control Center 7 Streaming Video Edition makes remote control of high quality video easy to use while taking full advantage of advanced camera functions. The software supports robotic or fixed position cameras and provides 30 fps for both desktop and mobile viewing. You can even control and share your cameras from your mobile devices. EarthCam offers streamlined developer tools that produce custom HTML code for you to embed into your public website, making it easy to integrate live camera images on your website and increase your search engine results.

HD Archives and Widescreen Panoramas

EarthCam's professional level archiving services protect your valuable visual information long after your project is complete. Around the clock coverage provides you with a complete online database of recorded images from your camera system. Archives are easy to access with our searchable calendar or timeline feature. View a 1000 megapixel 360° panorama of your site within seconds using our auto-stitching software for megapixel robotic cameras.

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Instant Time-Lapse

Create instant time-lapse movies with a single mouse click. The Advanced Playback feature is integrated with our multi-functional calendar and allows you to search a particular day and time, then watch a time-lapse of work progress during the timeline you choose. Full resolution playback includes weather data and other details that will provide valuable insight into past and present project conditions.

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Weather Data

Check current or historical weather data instantly, count rain days and view a 48-hour forecast. View local conditions with the continuously updating National Weather Service satellite, radar mapping and severe weather warnings. Choose daily through yearly visual chart renditions of all conditions including adverse weather days, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and visibility, as well as wind speed and direction. Receive email alerts when wind speed reaches a certain threshold. In one click download important data into an Excel spreadsheet.
Only EarthCam offers such detailed reporting.

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Map, Aerial and Satellite Views

Take full advantage of direct access to faster navigation and customization on our interactive map feature. EarthCam software has improved this interface so you can intuitively pinpoint and plot multiple project camera locations using "on board" GPS. Adding custom overlays such as site plans, photographs or BIM is achieved by simply checking or unchecking boxes. Additional services allow you to obtain an updating aerial or satellite image from a unique vantage point of your jobsite to review and inspect progress cost effectively.

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Email, Save and Share

Snap & post specific views you wish to bring to the attention of your team members. Reduce lag time between discovering an issue on site and fixing it. An immediate photo can be used to communicate change orders, a recently completed milestone or what materials need to be ordered. Plus, EarthCam allows you to take a live snapshot from your camera at any time and save unlimited photos! EarthCam's FREE mobile applications make it easy to share images securely or on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Add a message to the Notes section of the software for others to view and comment.

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Social Media Integration

Take advantage of EarthCam's social media services to promote and share your project progress and milestones via email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Easily snap a picture from your live or archived video image. Pictures can be posted in the Notes section, printed, saved to files or emailed to multiple people and mobile devices. Choose from several Facebook templates and work with our Website Development Team to display your images to the public.

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Image Comparison Tool

The image comparison tool provides a customized, virtual "x-ray" of a job in progress. With webcams focused on the same view, an image of a section marked on the jobsite may be superimposed hours or months apart. The resulting images accurately verify construction stages from foundation to completion, allowing you to isolate critical events during your project. Share with colleagues directly or include in PowerPoint or PDF progress reports.

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Markup Tools

Utilize various drawing tools to mark-up images to include in your Notes area and progress reports. EarthCam's software has an easy to use, click and drag method of highlighting, adding text and sharing jobsite observations on captured images. Integrate Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with your videos and images.

Mark Up Tools

Photography Documentation

EarthCam provides the most robust construction photo management software available, including a secure back end to upload images as well as an easy-to-use front end solution to view and manage your information. EarthCam's user-friendly software allows you to do-it-yourself with our mobile app. The simple, searchable library of images can be categorized by date, time, staff, trade, location on the jobsite and keyword tags. Collaborate with colleagues to analyze the content, marking up images for change orders and dispute resolution. Promote your project to the public, sharing milestone images via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Automated Progress Reports

This valuable EarthCam exclusive feature is based on a selection of templates and utilizes images directly from the camera system plus information entered into the Notes area. The Project Management Service automatically generates professional reports available to share as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. Share your personal observations with clients & coworkers through professional auto-generated weekly progress reports.

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Project Management Integration

EarthCam offers secure webcam integration into construction management software packages, including SharePoint and Procore. With easily embeddable custom players designed to work with your project portal, add HD archived images, live streaming video and instant time-lapse movies from your cameras and share with project team members. Report observations, discuss deadlines and collaborate with colleagues in real-time for a more efficient construction process.


With a growing number of workers taking jobsite photos, it's increasingly difficult to keep track of each projects' photographs. EarthCam has a solution! Included with every project is a central communication area to record and share project notes, photos, videos and documents. You can mix JPG with other formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Windows video clips. At the end of each project all the above data is organized and delivered to you.

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Data Dashboard

Like an EKG for your camera network, checking essential system performance information - you will find this feature invaluable. The Data Dashboard delivers real-time conditions of camera status, wireless connectivity, battery and solar power. You can also view use-specific custom analytic data and alerts in this visually dynamic display.

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Control Center 7 LogoMobile Device App

Access EarthCam's Control Center 7 Software directly from your mobile device! Monitor, document and promote your projects all from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. View live video of your jobsite, share archives, take and post pictures to the Notes section and receive up-to-date weather, solar and battery data. Our exclusive free application allows you to immediately control your private video cameras from around the world in real-time over WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE, WiMAX and EDGE.
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Account Management & Security

Enjoy powerful tools for administration controls, content integration and detailed real-time report generation. Quickly and easily create, manage and edit user access with multiple levels of security and user access. The Message Center will keep you informed of the latest updates on important security information, your account status and exclusive EarthCam promotions. View a specific camera's performance, new cameras added and current users accessing your network.

Lite Edition

EarthCam's Lite Series Edition is a streamlined, economical version of EarthCam's full-featured Control Center Software and is designed exclusively for use with EarthCam's Lite Series camera systems. Control Center Software requires no downloads and acts as an online suite of utilities enabling secure, web-based management and control of multiple camera systems through a local network or Internet connection. EarthCam's world-class services and support is included.