About EarthCam

Founded in 1996, EarthCam is the global leader in delivering world class webcam content, technology and services.

Discover why EarthCam is the proven global leader

When you choose EarthCam, you get a complete, end-to-end webcam technology solution and world class customer service.


EarthCam.net provides live streaming video, megapixel, wireless and solar powered camera systems, along with complete managed services for corporate clients and government agencies in more than 1,500 cities throughout all 50 states and 46 countries worldwide. Powered by EarthCam's Control Center 7 comprehensive webcam management service that is delivered as a user controllable SaaS (Software as a Service) interface, EarthCam's professional webcam technology solutions are unrivaled in the industry. 80 of the top 100 construction companies, 36 state departments of transportation and numerous Fortune 500 companies utilize EarthCam to monitor, document and promote their projects.

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In the News

EarthCam is recognized globally for industry-leading, professionally edited time-lapse movies, live webcams and groundbreaking technology. Our cameras, streaming video and images are regularly featured on news outlets from CNN to the Wall Street Journal. You have the option of becoming a part of the EarthCam Network and your project could be showcased on media outlets worldwide. Create pride in your company's hard work, as well as awareness for potential new clients.

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Corporate Responsibility

Good corporate citizenship is part of our values. EarthCam allocates a percentage of its resources to donating technology, content and managed services to community projects. The World Trade Center site, Flight 93 National Memorial and Statue of Liberty are some of the projects we maintain. We are also committed to driving economic growth, training and hiring local installers and onsite service technicians. Our respect for the environment ensures our business activities continue to use the latest technology to reduce our carbon footprint.

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EarthCam.com Tourism

EarthCam.com is the world's favorite webcam network and offers a complete searchable database of interesting places and views from around the world. The award winning website, with views of Times Square, Abbey Road in London and the famous Las Vegas Sign, is viewed by fans in 192 countries and ranks among the top 1% of all websites. EarthCam's international network of live HD streaming webcams is licensed to multiple websites, mobile platforms and featured regularly on television outlets such as CNN HLN.

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What's New

What’s better than seeing your jobsite live, anytime, anywhere? Network video cameras for jobsites have come a long way and today’s construction cameras can offer a lot more than just streaming video. Here are the top three things you should pay attention to when adding a live webcam to your project: Quality, Price and Flexibility. The right video camera has the ability to clearly show you people and equipment moving on your jobsite, giving you critical visual data. Your webcam company should have options that provide you with this quality at affordable prices. To ensure your live streaming camera can be moved from site to site and still work anywhere, utilize today’s robust 4G cellular networks. An experienced webcam provider has tools to assist in management of limited data plans. See the benefits of a live streaming webcam today!

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Featured Product

As a leader in the technology industry, EarthCam looks for solutions where others see problems. As a holder of several patents, we recently debuted the world's first outdoor automated gigapixel camera. The GigapixelCam is truly unique because of its ability to zoom in and take 16 megapixel snapshots of very detailed areas and then stitch them together into a mosaic which, when viewed in its entirety, looks like one unified image. The real differentiator is when you digitally zoom in to examine the picture detail, you are looking at an extremely high resolution picture, not a pixelated rendering.

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