Marketing and Social Media Promotion

Promote your projects to the community through public pages and social media updates.

Engage your customers with interactive content

EarthCam provides exceptional web, mobile and social marketing to expand your brand exposure.

Website Development

Increase public and customer awareness with a powerful webcam page you can also share on social media. EarthCam's Website Development Team works with you to create a custom, easy-to-use web page that elevates your exposure to new heights. Take advantage of our reliable hosting service experience as we maintain unique displays of your live webcam images across multiple platforms.

  • Improve your company's ranking in search engines
  • Increase traffic to your website by sharing images on social media
  • Reduce IT costs with our reliable hosting service experience

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Social Media Integration

Give your marketing department something to tweet about! EarthCam is the industry leader in social media promotion with over 7 million YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of Facebook and Twitter fans. Our expert programmers will create a media player you can easily embed in your Facebook Fan Page, promoting your company and projects to millions of people. Choose from customizable templates and follow our easy instructions to share your project's progress and milestones.

  • Combine HD and streaming video content
  • Promote multiple jobsites and showcase various jobsite angles
  • Utilize your social media pages page in public relations promotions

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Broadcast Media

EarthCam is recognized globally for industry-leading, professionally edited time-lapse movies and live webcams. Our cameras and images are regularly featured on news outlets from CNN to the Wall Street Journal. You have the option of becoming a part of our Broadcast Network and your project could be showcased on media outlets worldwide. Create pride in your company's hard work as well as awareness for potential new clients.

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Live Online Distribution

Engage millions of viewers with live images of your destination or construction project on EarthCam’s live online channels. Content is hand-selected and programmed to highlight the best times to experience each location. A running ticker provides insight into each location and project.

  • EarthCamTV features unique and beautiful locations from the webcam network’s collection of global cameras.
  • ConstructionCamTV delivers views of the interesting construction projects and time-lapse movies from jobsites around the world.
    As Seen on ENR Construction
Digital Billboard Display

Turn your flat screens into a live demonstration of your project. Grab the attention of clients and bring pride to your employees through EarthCam's digital display. Create a unique way to promote your progress by customizing the rotation of your projects and transitions between images.

  • Display projects in your lobby or at trade shows
  • Showcase one location or rotate through multiple jobsites in HD clarity
  • Optimized for wide and digital screens
Publishing Services

Imagine your project in bold, four-color, coffee table book quality prints or as a framed poster in the CEO's office. EarthCam's Publishing Services will promote your project in a custom, professional presentation that is a perfect way to introduce your company to a potential customer or say "Thank You" to a client. Need a holiday gift or opening ceremony keepsake such as a digital poster, coffee mug or time-lapse video keychain? Let us know!