Protect remote locations using our green technology.

  • Complete self-contained system keeps costs low
  • Infared system allows viewing in total darkness
  • Monitor your property remotely
  • Observe, control and document critical incidents remotely to simplify management
  • Protect hot spots and critical infrastructure
  • Create event based alerts
  • 3 Megapixel fixed position camera
  • Color by day and black-and-white infrared vision at night
  • Digital presets and Pan/Tilt/Zoom within captured image
  • Integrated DVR with High Resolution video recording
  • Motion detection with alarm trigger
  • Infrared illumination up to 75 feet
  • Sealed, maintenance free batteries offer extended life
  • 900 MHz radio with 11 dBi integrated antenna

Available Options

Solar and Alternative Energy

Engineered to provide safe, reliable and customized power generation for your webcam system. Save time and money by not installing utility power. When you select EarthCam you select smart, earth-friendly technology designed to meet today's environmental challenges.

  • Meet any clients needs with sustainable remote power solutions
  • Reliable alerts such as battery status keep you in control
  • Options such as solar, wind and fuel cells provide cost effective alternatives

Pioneering wireless networking camera technology since 1998, EarthCam leads the industry with solutions for project sites that do not have an Internet connection at the camera location. With EarthCam you can take advantage of global satellite connectivity, high-speed cellular data networks and the latest low-cost microwave transmission.

  • Eliminate expense and time of installing direct cabling
  • Solutions to support both line of sight and near line of sight
  • Easily relocate portable systems with cellular wireless data modems

EarthCam engineers develop solutions to complement and enhance its webcam systems. Take advantage of innovative accessories for real-time data analysis and proven hardware for any mounting location.

  • Guard against outages with battery and image backup systems
  • Ensure jobsite compliance with advanced weather information
  • Washers & mounts for high quality image capture for time-lapse movies