Mobile TrailerCam - MP Robotic

Construction camera to document large projects

Our best self-powered trailer features a mast mounted 360° panorama camera with live video, multiple presets and all-weather enclosure with wiper.

Sample Image
  • Standalone wireless and self powered system is easy to deploy and setup
  • Daily auto-generated multi-layer 360° panoramas
  • Ultra-precise Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls with multiple preset compositions
  • GPS 3G/4G modem
  • Telescoping up to 42' steel mast with an electric extension
  • 130 Watt solar panels
  • AGM sealed battery, 75 Amp battery charger
  • Full size spare tire and removable tongue
  • Guy Wires to stabilize an extended mast and steady the camera shot
  • Real-time remote data management
  • Fast, dependable, solid state Linux system
  • Custom branding to display your company logo
Key Features
360 Degree Panoramas – 42

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Integrated Software
Control Center 7
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