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EarthCam.net FAQs

What is EarthCam.net?

    EarthCam.net provides webcam technology and managed services consisting of live streaming video, time-lapse cameras and photography documentation for corporate clients and government agencies in major cities around the world. EarthCam systems meet the demands of projects of all sizes with the largest selection of reliable hardware powered by proven easy-to-use software that empowers our customers to manage jobsites remotely, document compliance and generate positive public relations. With applications in the construction, education, transportation and entertainment industries, EarthCam leads the industry with the highest resolution cameras available to document projects from the space, air and ground, including the world's first outdoor gigapixel panorama camera system. This patent-pending technology delivers superior billion pixel clarity for monitoring and archiving important projects and events across the globe.

    To learn more visit us at www.earthcam.net/about/aboutus.php

Do you offer drone / UAV services?

    Yes, EarthCam provides the construction industry with innovative UAV and aerial imagery services. EarthCam Air combines EarthCam’s powerful webcam technology with UAV services, cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools. EarthCam has developed a geospatial mapping platform, resulting in a comprehensive analytical report with countless benefits.

Will the camera work worldwide?

    Yes, EarthCam cameras will work most anywhere in the world.

Do you provide installation assistance?

    Yes, EarthCam supports a worldwide network of qualified installers and on site tech support. Our proven standards assure you of consistent, superior installations that provide the foundation for the camera system's reliability, availability and serviceability. We manage the entire process of arranging and expediting the installation.

Why is my camera system shipping directly to me?

    Because EarthCam’s coverage area is so vast, our technicians do not work out of our field offices. They report directly to your jobsite which is how we are able to dispatch with great flexibility. As such, they will not have access to your materials which is why we ship them directly to you.

How do I login to Control Center 8 to view my camera?
  1. Once the proposal for your camera system has been accepted, you will receive an automated e-mail containing your login credentials please visit www.EarthCam.net, in the top right corner you will see a login box.

  2. If you have not received login credentials, please check with an Administrator who was appointed by your company on your account to have a new account for you setup. The Administrator on your account will have had their account setup when the original proposal for your camera system was accepted.

Can the camera be relocated?

    Yes, EarthCam’s cameras can be relocated to other projects by simply taking the systems down and relocating to new project sites. Our qualified team of skilled technicians assure a safe and insured removal and relocation.

Do you offer A&E specifications I can include in a bid to contractors?

    Yes, it’s easy to specify an EarthCam camera for your next project. The following specification template is based on Construction Specifications Institute Guidelines, accepted as the standard for project bidding. It can be edited easily to include data and terms required by most master specification systems.

    To download an A&E specification, visit www.earthcam.net/aespecs/

How can I add new user accounts to my Control Center 8 page?

    Only Administrators of your Control Center 8 page, https://www.earthcam.net/, can add new users to your account. If you are setup as an administrator, click “Admin”, “Admin Management”, and select “User Management”. Once the new account has been created an automated e-mail will be sent to the new users detailing their login credentials.

How can I add an Admin to my Control Center 8 page?
  1. Administrator level users of your Control Center 8 account can only be added by an existing Administrator. If you are set up as an Administrator, click "Admin", "Admin Management" and select "User Management". Once the new account has been created an automated e-mail will be sent to the new Administrator level user detailing their login credentials. Existing users may also be upgraded by an existing Administrator in the same "USER" section.

What do I do if I forgot my username and or password?

    Please use the "Forgot Password" link (cc8.earthcam.net/forgot) on the login page for Control Center 8 to create a new password for your account.