Marketing and Social Media Services

Turn your current projects into multi-dimensional visual assets for promotion.

Engage Your Customers with Visual Content

EarthCam provides expert support to expand your brand exposure.

Broadway Media Player

View important project content, archives, panoramas and AI-Edited time-lapse movies with this scalable browser-based player. Provide consistent visibility across all devices with 40 features and 720 customizable options. For a minimalist version, choose the 'Glass Player' to enjoy an intuitive linear interface and pristine playback. Screen-reader compatibility for visually impaired users delivers ADA compliance.

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Get Live-Streaming Support from the Experts
Get Live-Streaming Support from the Experts

EarthCam routinely supports clients with live-streaming services. Our marketing team’s deep experience and expertise helps you reach the widest audience possible. Consider having your next special event or milestone live streamed to EarthCam's social media audience, host an embedded stream for your own social media followers, or both!

Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

Give your marketing department something to Tweet about! With over 150 million YouTube views and 800k+ followers on social media, EarthCam's team guides you on how to best use visual information to increase engagement, leverage your project’s progress and milestones, and promote your brand.

Broadcast Media
Broadcast Media

EarthCam content is featured hundreds of times each week on Broadcast TV. EarthCam has generated billions of dollars-worth of earned media value on news outlets from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. EarthCam clients’ time-lapse content and live views are frequently showcased on media outlets, raising awareness and reaching potential new clients.

Custom Hand-Edited Time-Lapse Movies

Share views of your construction progress in the most dynamic way with EarthCam's professional hand-edited time-lapse movies. Consult with our editing team to showcase major project milestones, such as topping-outs or grand openings. At the end of your project, highlight the process with stunning 4K imagery.

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AI-Edited Time-Lapse Videos

Clients can download presentation-ready time-lapses, free of expensive editing processes and wait times, complete with royalty-free music and graphics. EarthCam is able to process over half a million images a day to detect if cameras are obscured by foreign objects, dirt, fog, or rain. AI algorithms look for 16 desirable or unwanted features, and then automatically excludes affected images from the AI-edit.

Marketing Support and PR
Marketing Support and PR

Put EarthCam's decades of public relations and marketing expertise to work for you. EarthCam's team gets your project the recognition it deserves. Utilizing extensive press relationships we craft media-facing content that reaches relevant broadcast and publishing outlets and generates impactful public relations for a lasting impression.

Increase Exposure with EarthCamTV App

Reach millions of TV viewers at home via EarthCamTV - a leading travel app for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV. Make your destination part of a whole new viewing experience! Viewers sit back, and enjoy live streaming views of your location on their big screen at home

  • Expose your content to millions of people to attract new visitors
  • Share location information, describe the highlights, and share the weather
  • AI-powered content optimization to feature your destination at the optimal times

Digital Billboard Display
Digital Billboard Display

Turn your flat screens into a live demonstration of your project. Grab the attention of clients and bring pride to your employees through EarthCam's digital display. Create a unique way to promote your progress by customizing the rotation of your projects and transitions between images.

Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings

Easily create Zoom virtual backgrounds using your live jobsite cameras. Collaborate with your project teams or enhance construction progress meetings by adding video clips or still images as a backdrop. Take your video conference to the next level - present directly in front of a view from your jobsite camera! We're providing dozens of free preselected skylines, landmarks and national parks for your use as a backdrop.

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