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Live views of your project are as close as your mobile device thanks to EarthCam's Mobile Service. Control your camera remotely and share images to email and social sites.

Instant Access at Any Time

View, control and market your jobsite remotely

Control Center LogoControl Center 8 App:

Created for manager service customers, the app is packed with exclusive features you won't find anywhere else. Viewing, controlling and marketing your EarthCam cameras is now easier than ever before. Access real-time streaming video, explore image archives, view critical system analytics and collaborate with team members.

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Live Video

The Control Center 8 app provides easy access to live streaming video that you can control via swipe, pinch, pan, tilt and zoom. Access multiple presets and wiper functions, as well as 360° panoramic views anytime, anywhere.

Time-lapse Movies

With one touch you can instantly stream auto-generated time-lapse movies of progress-to-date, creating a dynamic presentation of your project.

Historic Archives

The app gives users more ways than ever to quickly access all historic project archives. Using the smart, visual timeline navigation tool, a simple click and drag instantly transports the user to a specific date and time.

System Data

Gain instant access to vital data about your camera’s power source, network connection and location, which includes valuable weather details.

Real-time Share

EarthCam's innovative "Hall of Fame" is now available for Control Center 8. Post and share your favorite jobsite images privately with your team or publicly with fans through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your website to promote your organization.

View, analyze and share your important construction camera content within the Autodesk BIM 360 platform. Users will benefit from detailed webcam content, including images, live video, environmental jobsite data and gigapixel panoramas. Easily share with the project team and deliver valuable progress insight to support a lean project management process.

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PlanGrid users will have access to EarthCam's high-quality images and 360° photo viewing. One 360° photo that captures all four walls, floor and ceiling provides as much information as 8 separate photos, making this efficient imaging technology a smarter way to communicate interior progress while guarding against future claims and disputes.

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Utilize the most innovative construction camera technology to monitor, document and promote your project all through the Procore dashboard. Users will benefit from high-definition real-time views and crisp, highly-detailed photos of jobsite progress, which are shareable via Procore "Albums" and can streamline the ability to make informed decisions more efficiently.

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EarthCam's VR Site Tour App is the perfect do-it-yourself solution for documenting interiors, giving you the ability to capture interactive 360° images for a virtual tour of your project. While other photography solutions require professional photographers and several phases of time-consuming post-production editing, EarthCam has taken 6 processes and reduced it to one simple step with its improved photography interface and mobile app. This efficient imaging technology eliminates the need for costly photography services and is a smarter way to communicate interior progress.