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Control Center 8 Software Suite

Manage and control multiple construction camera networks simultaneously with Control Center 8.7, EarthCam's all-in-one jobsite documentation platform. Control Center 8.7 delivers live streaming video, megapixel time-lapse archives, cinematic panoramas and includes Edge Video Recorder (EVR), a security solution that goes beyond event-based recording. Version 8.7 includes an expanded API for custom partner and client integrations, predictive solar analytics and a state-of-the-art video player. Critical visual information can now be merged with new data points for more efficient decision making.

A new fully documented API makes partner integrations easy and facilitates customer interaction with their cameras and data. Clients can easily bring camera content into their internal systems, backend management tools and project management interfaces. EarthCam's development has decades of experience building custom integrations to empower clients with meaningful visual information. Contact us for custom integrations.

Showcase your webcam content in various presentation environments with EarthCam's new ultra-responsive, cross-platform Glass Player. The minimalist interface and pristine, scalable video playback lets you freely move between livestream viewing, recording management and time-lapse downloads with one streamlined, linear interface.

Experience Glass

As reliance on solar-powered cameras increases, Solar Power AI is becoming necessary to ensure maximum uptime. EarthCam's new solar analytics provide valuable insights into solar performance from the moment of installation through the life of the system. Clients can verify optimal panel positioning and plot expected solar charging values based on weather data. Smart alerts ensure every system stays online and in peak working condition whatever the season.

Record continuous HD video – for up to 120 days, with 256 bit, secure AES encryption. Define include/exclude areas and trigger events such as loitering and left objects with intelligent visual motion detection. Edge Video Recorder tracks moving objects with ease, and interfaces with external sensor technology. Use a mobile device or computer to access your video from anywhere. Review and share incidents with security response personnel using an intuitive, visual timeline interface. Low-latency, full duplex WebSockets allow highly responsive camera control. Tag video clips automatically with vital data, such as weather metrics and location.

The highly scalable, responsive, cross-platform player offers instant access to AI-Edited, presentation-ready movies complete with title graphics, extended play and a dynamic soundtrack at any point throughout a project. The user experience is consistent across all devices providing ultimate visibility for important project content, archives and panoramas. The highly scalable browser-based interface includes 40 features and can be completely personalized with a total of 720 customizable options.

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Multiple archive position and live camera support has been added to the Autodesk 3D model integration and EarthCam is leveraging AI technology to align images with associated BIM models faster and with more precision. Also added is support for more model formats including Revit, Navisworks and SketchUp, as well as as-built to as-designed image comparison while viewing site camera or 360° VR photography captured with 360° VR Site Tour.

With EarthCam’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)/machine-learning, you can add many efficiencies to your jobsite. Automate recognition of equipment and vehicles, align live or recorded images perfectly with models and eliminate lengthy editing for time lapse movies. All these unprecedented functions are driven by EarthCam’s own AI to make management of jobsites of all sizes smarter and more data-rich. Add more value for your client by automating visual verification.

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Control Center 8 offers full support for robotic and fixed position cameras and ultra-high quality 4K streaming video. Thanks to H.265 compression and full-duplex WebSockets, you can access higher quality video streams and significantly more accurate and responsive pan, tilt, zoom controls, while utilizing substantially less data. These efficiencies immediately save costs, especially when 4G LTE plans are used for video transmission. EarthCam provides streamlined developer tools that produce custom HTML code for you to embed live video imagery into your public website.

Leverage the power of EarthCam and third party project management solutions such as Procore, Autodesk BIM 360 and PlanGrid. Imagery from EarthCam's high-quality webcams and 360° reality capture solutions provides visual verification of jobsite conditions within your project management platform. Automate image uploads to specific areas in Procore's Daily Log; Embed media to Autodesk BIM 360 Partner cards; Attach images to PlanGrid RFI's - EarthCam's integrations allow your jobsite imagery to be more than just photos, but visual information accessible within your project management software. In addition, EarthCam has created first-of-its-kind solutions to enhance jobsite safety and increased sustainability efforts.

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EarthCam’s interior cameras and photography solutions now support additional onsite environmental data. An integrated sensor monitors temperature, humidity and dew point at the jobsite location. This critical information is important for worker safety and quality control purposes to alert contractors to specific environmental conditions that may affect the installation of certain materials. These data points are embedded into every image and provide a detailed historic record of the project from start to finish.

Capture cost-effective, detailed images of interior build-outs with ease. Instantly share “street view” images that are geo-tagged to site plans for comprehensive progress updates. One 360° photo captures all four walls, floor and ceiling, providing as much information as 8 separate traditional photos.

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EarthCam's VR Site Tour App, and 360° Camera Kit is a fast, easy do-it-yourself solution for documenting construction projects. 360° photos are automatically assembled into a virtual reality tour of your jobsite giving stakeholders the ability to remotely inspect, make notes and flag potential problems, eliminating costly deconstruction. This eliminates the need for costly photography services and post-production editing, and is a smarter and more efficient way to communicate and track interior construction progress.

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EarthCam provides the most robust construction photo management software available, including a secure back end to upload images as well as an easy-to-use front end solution to view and manage your visual information. The simple, searchable library of images can be categorized by date, time, staff, trade, location on the jobsite and keyword tags. Document your interiors and create short-term time-lapse videos. EarthCam’s service automatically converts a day’s worth of progress into quick, easy-to-share 10-second time-lapse video bursts and syncs them directly to site plans and BIM 3D models.

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EarthCam Air combines EarthCam’s powerful construction camera solutions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) geospatial imagery services for an insightful documentation process. Control Center 8 provides the necessary tools to integrate and transform UAV data derived from computer-guided flight patterns over jobsites into 3D models faster and more efficiently.

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EarthCam will design, build and host your public webcam page to showcase your project and organization. Control Center 8.7 now provides more premier public website features and gives you everything you need to create your own public web page quickly and easily. Choose from dozens of different design templates and add your company logo, graphics, project rendering or YouTube videos that promote your project. Promote one specific project camera or share a dashboard of your jobsite webcams.

We’ll deliver high quality archive images, time-lapse movies, and Ultra HD panoramic images to you automatically, so you always have your finger on the pulse of projects. Subscribe to receive daily or weekly progress updates. Easily access up-to-the-minute visual assets to enhance marketing tactics.

New AI-powered image analytics enable EarthCam to use intelligent video analysis with the learning capability of AI to process live video, archived recordings and still photos. EarthCam has a long history of employing AI to increase productivity, such as using AI-powered recognition to identify obstructions and perform quality control for its premium time-lapse content. EarthCam is constantly leveraging AI to make its webcam content more engaging and to deliver a more valuable product at no additional cost to the customer.

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Perfect content for your social-media channels, automated time-lapse videos can be created daily. View date-specific segments, ideal for quick progress reports or team updates. For even more fluid playback, use extended play which features 500% more images per day. Using AI, under and overexposed and weather-compromised imagery is automatically removed, ensuring presentation-ready movies. Instantly upload your time-lapse complete with royalty-free music and your logo overlay directly to YouTube.


Combine greater jobsite visibility and imaginative content creation. With 120 billion pixel capability, view your project with greater detail and create crisp content for marketing use.

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Markup tools include image filters, where brightness and contrast can be adjusted to see additional project detail on cloudy days and even at night. EarthCam's software has an easy to use, click and drag method of highlighting, adding text and sharing jobsite observations on captured images. Integrate Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with your videos and images.

Mark Up Tools

With Control Center 8 you can take a live snapshot from your camera at any time and save unlimited photos. Snap and post content you wish to use to communicate with your team members, reducing lag time between discovering and fixing a problem, capturing a recently completed milestone or determining safety risks. This unique feature will be useful for numerous departments, as well as uploading images to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

EarthCam's professional level archiving services protect your valuable visual information long after your project is complete. Archives are easy to access with our exclusive timeline feature. A simple click and drag along the project timeline bar allows team members to locate any jobsite image. Around the clock coverage provides you with a complete online database of recorded images from your camera system.

The image comparison tool provides a customized, virtual "x-ray" of a job in progress. Using the sophisticated timeline navigation bar, an image of a section marked on the jobsite may be superimposed hours or months apart. The resulting images accurately verify construction stages from foundation to completion, allowing you to isolate critical events during your project. Share with colleagues directly or include in PowerPoint or PDF progress reports.

Our free iOS and Android apps are designed exclusively for clients to easily view and control EarthCam cameras, and deliver marketing content. More than just a dashboard, the Control Center 8 app gives you real-time control over your camera’s pan, tilt, and even wiper functions. Receive critical up-to-date weather, solar and network connection data or snap and share a live photo, and post your favorites to the Hall of Fame.

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Take advantage of EarthCam's social media services to promote and share your project progress and milestones. Control Center 8 includes many powerful marketing and social media tools. Pictures can be posted in the Hall of Fame, printed, saved, emailed or texted. Every EarthCam client receives free support from our Website Development Team to display their webcams to the public.

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EarthCam’s exclusive Hall of Fame, now available for Control Center 8, showcases the best jobsite images during the life of any project, creating a custom Instagram-like visual feed. Post your favorite jobsite images privately for internal communications and share publicly through social media to promote your organization and generate excitement for your projects.

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With a growing number of workers taking jobsite photos, it’s increasingly difficult to keep track of each projects’ photographs. EarthCam has a solution. Included with every project is a central communication area to record and share project events, photos, videos and documents. Control Center 8 records broadcast-quality streaming video and archives video clips on-demand.

Share your observations and project milestones with clients and coworkers through professional auto-generated weekly progress reports. Another EarthCam exclusive feature, The Project Management Service automatically generates professional reports available to share as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation complete with photos, panoramas, and videos.

Like an EKG for your camera network, which checks essential system performance information 24/7, you will find this feature invaluable. The Data Dashboard offers instant access to vital data about your camera’s power source, network connection and location. This important information provides insight for our Technical Support Team, aiding in pinpointing issues and resolving them quickly.

Check current or historical weather data instantly, count rain days and view a 48-hour forecast. View local conditions with the continuously updating National Weather Service satellite, radar mapping and severe weather warnings. Receive email alerts when wind speed reaches a certain threshold. Download important data into an Excel spreadsheet. Only EarthCam offers such detailed reporting.

Take full advantage of direct access to faster navigation and customization on our interactive map feature. Pinpoint multiple project cameras and add custom overlays such as site plans, photographs or 3D models. Add an updating aerial or satellite image to review and inspect progress effectively.

Enjoy powerful tools for administration controls, content integration and detailed real-time report generation. Easily create and edit user access with multiple levels of security. The Message Center will keep you informed of the latest updates on important security information, your account status and exclusive EarthCam promotions.

As an EarthCam client, Control Center Vault is your exclusive package containing all of your end-of-project deliverables including all your project images, files and data along with a royalty-free version of our software. Control Center Vault gives you effortless access to your photos, videos and weather data using the same interactive tools you enjoyed during construction. EarthCam also delivers a high-resolution AI-edited time-lapse video of your project.