Jobsite Security

Protect critical locations with industry-leading camera integrations

Effective Security Teams Use Intelligent Video

Feel secure with the latest analytics, motion detection, night vision and alerts.

EarthCam systems are engineered for continuous observation, allowing you to protect important locations and critical infrastructure remotely. Receive real-time status updates for your entire project site, including the perimeter and surrounding area. Monitor construction activity, track progress and protect assets with software and hardware technology from the industry leaders in construction cameras.

Retain up to 120 days of continuous HD video recordings with secure 256 bit AES encryption using the Edge Video Recording service. Retrieve and share incident footage immediately using an intuitive visual timeline interface and fast search capability. Downloaded video clips are automatically tagged with vital data, such as local weather station metrics and detailed location information and are saved as mpeg4.

Define visual motion detection areas, with include and exclude options, and track your site using Intelligent Object Detection. Choose from loitering, left object and moving object tracking.

Surveil areas even in complete darkness with EarthCam’s integrated night-vision. For your peace of mind, our systems automatically switch to night mode and provide superior long-range IR Illumination, revealing night-time activity even in large open areas without lighting.

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Feel confident that your entire jobsite is secure with continuous live views of activity. Monitor important areas and critical infrastructure from any location, review and analyze video recordings to protect your assets.

Powerful, Secure Collaboration with Control Center 8

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) empowers users with high quality imagery, on-site data and collaboration tools all in one easy-to-use solution. EarthCam delivers proven capabilities for reducing the cost and complexity of managing your own solution.

  • Safe remote access - desktop & mobile
  • Live stream secured & encrypted via https transport
  • Security interface with flexible multi-view camera grid
  • Continuous video recording
  • Motion detection/exclusion in a given area
  • Detect loitering in an area
  • Detection of objects crossing a perimeter
  • Filters to ignore small, swaying, or short-lived objects
  • Weather data - current & historical
  • Take instant snapshots anytime
  • Email, save & share content
  • Satellite map & site map integration
  • Unlimited users with various control levels
  • Continuous unlimited support & training

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