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With this integration, EarthCam is the first partner to embed live video in Projectmates' dashboard, and to push images automatically into the Project Photo Album, delivering next-level visibility for owner companies.

Augment Digital Twins with Imagery & Automate Daily Reports to improve visibility for project management. Merge Revit® or Navisworks® 3D models with EarthCam's high-resolution imagery to deliver x-ray-like insight and clear visual evidence of progress for VDC teams. Automatically deliver detailed, Weather logs, AI-powered reports with accompanying live imagery and 'Issues' direct to Autodesk® Build.

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Strengthen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data with live and recorded imagery. Enhance collaboration inside Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Clouds with informative imagery. Access up-to-the minute visuals without leaving the Salesforce platform.

EarthCam's embedded app, integrated with Raken, makes high-resolution live-streaming video available day and night for back office Raken users. It also provides easy access to archived images, panoramas, and time-lapse video.

Aconex and EarthCam have partnered to deliver high-quality construction camera content to a central platform for a streamlined project management process. Rely on the most innovative technology to monitor, document and promote your project all through the Aconex platform.

Deliver high-quality, live-streaming, continuous AI data analytics and gigapixel panoramic imagery to CMiC by connecting EarthCam’s Control Center 8 software. Unify back-office and field operations by providing instant, data-infused, annotated imagery from the jobsite.

EarthCam’s integration with InEight, a leader in construction project management software allows for visual data from EarthCam’s Control Center 8 software to be merged into InEight Document Management. Through this integration, decision makers at every stage of the project can retrieve high-quality visuals to verify and collaborate more effectively.

Introducing EarthCam's unique integration with Infotech, a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions. Create an essential visual timeline by inserting EarthCam camera imagery directly into to Doc Express drawers. Set upload frequency and add metadata to view digital jobsite activity remotely in real-time. Visualize a historic record of progress to make informed decisions and enhance the audit trail.

EarthCam, the leader in construction imagery, has teamed with PlanGrid, the leader in construction software for the field, to integrate high-quality webcam content, including 360° photos, into their user platform.

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Increase your ROI with the number one site camera solution. EarthCam's unmatched integration with Procore brings users valuable features to enhance project management and jobsite productivity. With continued enhancements to our integration with Procore, EarthCam is the site camera of choice to monitor, document and promote your project all within the Procore dashboard.

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EarthCam and Rubicon Global, a technology-based waste and recycling manager, are teaming up to provide your jobsite with an integrated technology solution that will help the construction industry meet green building goals.

EarthCam 4D, powered by Bentley iTwin, is a digital twin application that merges EarthCam’s high resolution images with SYNCHRO 4D models. Easily compare real-time job progress against your model at any moment in time during the project lifecycle.

Triax's Spot-r network and EarthCam are offering a first-of-its-kind solution, enabling EarthCam's high-resolution video cameras to provide real-time, independent visual verification of data identified through a worker's wearable Spot-r Clip.