Identify Waste, Reduce Costs and Promote ‘Greener’ Landfills

Rich, visual data to help achieve industry sustainability goals

A Unique Collaborative Solution to 'Go Green'

Rubicon Global’s expertise in waste management and EarthCam’s high-quality cameras together are helping to identify, manage and properly handle jobsite debris. The combined services will help reduce construction debris from landfills, creating ‘greener’ waste spaces throughout the local communities.


A Unique Collaborative Solution to

Total Construction Site Visibility

EarthCam's cameras spot waste that was improperly discarded in dumpsters. This alerts managers to quickly respond before facing fines or special handling fees by landfills and haulers, and to comply with federal and state recycling regulations.

Best Practices for Proper Disposal

Rubicon's expertise assists with the proper disposal of environmentally unfriendly waste, such as potentially hazardous materials. This creates a safer jobsite for workers and supports LEED waste management plans.