Introducing 360° Reality Capture

EarthCam's VR Site Tour App is the perfect DIY 360° reality capture solution for documenting interiors. Capture interactive 360° images and have them automatically assembled into a virtual tour of your project within Control Center 8 software. All images are geo-tagged using EarthCam's IPS (Image Positioning System) to properly align photos to your site plan. The process is easy for every day VR inspections from your desktop. With our app, you can share jobsite information that is simple to analyze in a cost-efficient way.

VR Site Tour

While other photography solutions require professional photographers and several phases of time-consuming post-production editing, EarthCam has taken 6 processes and reduced it to one simple step with its improved photography interface and mobile app. This do-it-yourself efficient imaging technology eliminates the need for costly photography services and is a smarter way to communicate progress. Document your interiors and create short-term time-lapse videos. Convert a day’s worth of progress into quick, easy-to-share 10-second time-lapse video bursts and sync them directly to site plans and BIM 3D models.

Getting Started with VR Site Tour

Getting Started with VR Site Tour
1. Download VR Site Tour App

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Contact Us or Call toll free: 1-800-327-8422 to integrate your VR Site Tour with EarthCam's Control Center 8 software and to order your VR 360° Camera Kit.
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2. Walk Your Jobsite

Once the app is downloaded you can quickly photograph "street view" images. Associate voice notes with the images to convey progress or detail issues via our fast and easy to use VR Site Tour app.

3. Share a Guided Tour

The 360° images are automatically assembled into a guided tour of your project, giving users the ability to remotely explore on their own and inspect each room with a click of a mouse or the tap of a VR headset. These detailed visual images create an indisputable record of as-built and pre-existing conditions.