Strengthen Construction Management through Visual Data

Help automate back-office functions with data-rich imagery

EarthCam imagery & CMiC's easy to use platform

Deliver high-quality, live-streaming, continuous AI data analytics and gigapixel panoramic imagery to CMiC by connecting EarthCam's Control Center 8 software. Unify back-office and field operations by providing instant, data-infused, annotated imagery from the jobsite.


EarthCam imagery & CMiC

<!--<span style="color:#760000;">NEW!</span> -->Add Visual Data Directly into CMiC Field

EarthCam's Control Center 8 software easily connects with CMiC, delivering accurate visual information to ensure frictionless and efficient workflow.

Add Actionable Metadata to Daily Reporting

Include informative metadata such as weather, project title, and date/time stamp. Create a more informed jobsite with real-time updates that add key value.

24/7 Weather Station Monitoring

Get eight points of environmental jobsite conditions with a Weather Station monitoring and analysis solution. The 4G LTE wireless, solar-powered sensor combines the external and internal jobsite data with EarthCam’s live webcams and 360° reality capture imagery, generating a more accurate record within CMiC.