Control Center 8 – Photography Documentation

Upload and integrate jobsite photos to site plans over the life of any construction project.

Data-Rich Imagery for a More Intelligent Jobsite

Leading-edge technology to quickly communicate interior progress

Photography Documentation

While construction cameras are one of the most powerful tools found on jobsites today, EarthCam's software behind the camera truly takes your construction documentation to the next level. EarthCam has raised the bar on what it means to document important construction projects, delivering insightful and meaningful ways to document your interiors and share short-term time-lapse videos. EarthCam’s service automatically converts a day’s worth of progress into quick, easy-to-share 10-second time-lapse video bursts and syncs them directly to site plans and BIM 3D models.

Photography Documentation

<span style="color:#760000;">NEW</span> Upload Tool for your Floor Plan

Multi-page PDF floor plans can now be uploaded, cropped and different drawings of a floor plan can be aligned for more efficiency and control over floor plan integrations.

<span style="color:#760000;">NEW</span> Custom PDF Reports

New reporting styles give teams more options to share exactly the right amount of project detail with the right people at the right time. The 'Plan View' interactive PDF report contains the floor plan and overlaid location markers. The last picture taken at each location marker can be viewed by clicking on the marker. No special software is required to view the 360° image and file size is kept to a minimum making it easy and convenient to email. If a more comprehensive report is required, select ‘Detailed Report’ or ‘Image Map’ report style options.

Capture and Assign Jobsite Photos

Shoot critical areas of your jobsite, capturing important visual evidence of pre-existing and as-built conditions. With the mobile app, photograph interior jobsite progress and make note of potential issues. Using EarthCam's geo-tagging mapping technology, photos are automatically organized by location within your plan. Use your Control Center 8 dashboard to add images to your site plan markers for a complete visual history of interior progress.

Image Viewer and 360° VR Imagery

360° images are automatically assembled into a guided tour of your project, giving users the ability to inspect each room and remotely explore via the click of a mouse or the tap of an Oculus headset. These detailed images create an indisputable record of as-built and pre-existing conditions. One 360° photo viewing all four walls, floor and ceiling provides as much information as 8 separate photos.

Create 360° Time-Lapse Videos

With EarthCam's VR Site Tour Time-Lapse plugin for Ricoh Theta 360° cameras, you can add unique animated content to site plans to track project progress. This plugin is perfect for documenting interiors and eliminates the need to continuously trigger the camera to take photos. EarthCam’s service automatically converts a day's worth of progress into quick, easy-to-share 10-second time-lapse video bursts and syncs them directly to site plans and BIM 3D models.

Environmental Data Sensor

EarthCam’s interior cameras and photography solutions now support additional onsite environmental data. An integrated sensor monitors temperature, humidity and dew point at the jobsite location. This critical information is important for worker safety and quality control purposes to alert contractors to specific environmental conditions that may affect the installation of certain materials. These data points are embedded into every image and provide a detailed historic record of the project from start to finish.

Integration with Control Center 8 Software

All markers and jobsite photos are uploaded from the app to EarthCam's Control Center 8 software for effective project management. Markers and photos can be managed in more detail using the tools provided in the online dashboard.

Add Tags, Markup then Email and Share Images

Add notes, tags and flags to your uploaded images for efficient search and filtering purposes. Assign tags to each image, such as mechanical, plumbing or structural. You can also assign a colored flag (red, amber or green) to indicate an urgent issue or mark a milestone. Search, filter and view only images marked with specific tags and create a virtual punch list for quick analysis and progress reports. Easy to use markup tools let you highlight areas, share observations and add text, and quickly save and email to stakeholders to enable quick decisions. ‘Beauty Shots’ of your project are an effective marketing tool via social media channels.

Analyze and Compare Images

Images can be marked and overlaid as a virtual x-ray, comparing different stages in construction. With this unique tool, project teams can take a look behind the walls to ensure that all work is being performed properly. Taking this proactive measure will ensure that building owners and operators have an accurate and reliable as-built photo record for an ongoing maintenance reference.

Email and Share Images

Save, email and share photos in real time with team members. With easy-to-use markup tools, highlight specific areas of the jobsite and add text to share observations on captured images. Provide architects, engineers, project developers and contractors with all the necessary visual information to make quick decisions. Share "beauty shots" of your project as a marketing tool on social media.
Mark Up Tools

End of Project Report

Every EarthCam client receives a comprehensive End of Project digital file once their job is complete through FTP download. The report includes all of the floor plans, marker data, images, image notes, tags, flags and historical detailed weather data collected throughout the duration of your project. You will be able to view the VR Site Tour images in a 360 interactive browser window by clicking on the image.

EarthCam's VR Site Tour App, and 360° Camera Kit is a fast, easy do-it-yourself solution for documenting construction projects. 360° photos are automatically assembled into a virtual reality tour of your jobsite giving stakeholders the ability to remotely inspect, make notes and flag potential problems, eliminating costly deconstruction. This eliminates the need for costly photography services and post-production editing, and is a smarter and more efficient way to communicate and track interior construction progress.