Driving productivity for a more informative jobsite

Providing more value to shared clients through high-quality media and data-rich content

Delivering Visual Content for Successful Project Management

Procore and EarthCam have teamed up to seamlessly deliver all the necessary content to manage a jobsite in one place, making the lives of construction professionals easier. Utilize the most innovative construction camera technology to monitor, document and promote your project all through the Procore dashboard.
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One-Click Tools for RFIs, Observations and Change Events

Innovative markup tools streamline RFI submissions and change events utilizing images from EarthCam cameras that are already on the jobsite. Users can add specific notes from EarthCam webcams, 360° VR photos and EarthCam-infused Autodesk BIM 360 models to create actionable items within Procore. The data-rich imagery provides the project team with clear visual evidence of conditions and keeps forward momentum on the jobsite.

Image Comparison Against 3D/4D Models

EarthCam’s software features support for Bentley Synchro 4D models and Autodesk BIM 360, where users will benefit from the ability to view their EarthCam cameras in relation to BIM, Navisworks and Revit models. Perform live comparisons and execute measurement functions between webcams, 360° VR photography and 2D, 3D or 4D models.

Integrate Live Video & Megapixel Imagery

Embed your live streaming video and high-quality webcam imagery directly into your Procore dashboard. Click on the project preview window to view your content in a full-screen display for detailed monitoring and analysis. View multiple points of weather data at your jobsite for further intelligence reporting.

View Your Jobsite from Every Angle

360° photos and videos of the jobsite add a unique interactive element, where the user can pan around the jobsite for a comprehensive view of progress. One 360° photo viewing all four walls, floor and ceiling provides as much information as 8 separate photos, making this efficient imaging technology a smarter way to communicate interior progress while guarding against future claims and disputes.

Communicate and Share Progress Updates

Procore users have access to EarthCam’s image comparison and markup tools. Compare historical progress images, virtually going behind the walls for a detailed look at the construction process. Call out specific areas of interest directly on the photos and share your observations with the project team in your Procore “Albums”. Upload video recordings and presentation-ready time-lapse movies for further insight into the project process.

Procore users will now have the ability to import images from any of their Procore projects into EarthCam's photography documentation interface. Easily assign images directly to the corresponding site plan, floor or marker for instant progress updates. Added support via the EarthCam mobile app enables users to view jobsite images and collaborate with team members remotely.

EarthCam has implemented single sign-on(sso) for Procore. Users now have the ability to access and view their EarthCam construction camera content in Procore. Please note, you must be an EarthCam managed services client in order to login using your Procore user name and password. For assistance with creating a new EarthCam Control Center 8 account, click here.​