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Keep the public updated and engaged with live streaming video and stunning time-lapse

Broadway Media Player

EarthCam’s new media player is a complete re-imagination of EarthCam’s popular camera display and delivers superior capabilities for showcasing the massive amounts of content and data generated by EarthCam’s webcam systems. The highly scalable format includes 40 features and can be completely personalized based on client preference for a total of 720 customizable options. With optimized performance for the elimination of loading cues, EarthCam’s player is 10x faster when switching between different media modes. A new ‘Glass Player’ option provides a simplified, clear, interface without the complexity of advanced options.

Broadway Media Player

Showcase your webcam content in various presentation environments with EarthCam's new ultra-responsive, cross-platform Glass Player. The minimalist interface and pristine, scalable video playback lets you freely move between livestream viewing, recording management and time-lapse downloads with one streamlined, linear interface.

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EarthCam’s Broadway Media Player is now available as an embedded app on Procore.
Quickly switch between 4K live streaming video, highly-detailed gigapixel panoramas and archived security recordings. The new EarthCam-infused Procore extends the capabilities for sharing jobsite cameras, 360° reality capture site tours and AI-edited time-lapse videos all within Procore.

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Seamless and Streamlined Navigation

EarthCam’s new interface is flexible and responsive enough to handle 9 different types of media, featuring 4 types of video and 3 types of panoramas including 360° immersive photography. Switching from live streaming video, 360° interactive panoramas and time-lapse content has been completely streamlined, with a significantly reduced lag time when moving from live video to time-lapse to gigapixel panoramas.

Timeline Navigation

EarthCam’s linear progress timeline replaces the traditional clumsy click-heavy calendar navigation. This intuitive navigation tool makes it easy to quickly find a specific image from your project archives. Search your archives by day, month, year and time using visual thumbnail previews. See historic weather information with multiple points of data, including temperature and relative humidity.

Time-Lapse Theater

Clients have instant access to presentation-ready movies, complete with title graphics and a dynamic soundtrack, at any point throughout the project. Experience a more fluid playback with extended play, featuring 500% more images per day. Hover over the timeline to view quick previews and visual chapters. Adjust your playback speed and instantly share the social media-ready content with the public as part of smart public outreach initiatives.

24 Hour Archives

Clients have immediate access to 24 hours of archived content, including streaming video and megapixel imagery. A simple click on the intuitive timeline makes it easy to locate clips or events by date and time. Use the content to monitor for public safety, progress tracking and promote event highlights for marketing outreach.

Share Features

Share progress milestones via email, social media and even to third party platforms such as Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Subscribe to image updates from a specific project to be notified via email of ongoing progress.

Mobile Accessibility

The new media player was designed to display an optimized viewing experience from device to device. The content is tailored to the real estate of each specific screen to create a complete different and unique display on mobile phones and tablets.

Tourism and Entertainment Applications

A major feature of the new Broadway Media Player for EarthCam.com affiliates, including tourism bureaus, hotels and zoos, is the ability to integrate Google Ads to monetize your webcam stream. Customize your content with your company logo to generate positive brand awareness. With access to 24 hours of archived content, easily locate and share highlight footage of your local festivals, beautiful sunsets and animal activity with a global audience. Get your Webcam >