Quick Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

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To contact Technical Support, please call 1-201-403-2900 or for International 1-201-488-1111 or send an email.

Marketing & Advertising FAQs

What marketing support does EarthCam offer?

    We have a full-service Marketing Department at EarthCam. We can build out your entire marketing strategy or assist your in-house marketing team. Our capabilities are from concept to completion.

How do I set up my public website to promote our projects?

    This process is best to start as soon as you purchase your camera system. Please ask Technical Support to introduce you to our Marketing Department to learn how you can share views of your project for enhanced visibility and awareness.

How can EarthCam assist my company with Social Media?

    EarthCam’s Marketing Team will provide recommendations on how to share your construction camera content on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Live streaming video cameras will also gain additional exposure through Facebook Live sharing, which the Marketing Department can assist with initiating.

Can I use the streaming video and/or images to market my project?

    Yes, EarthCam provides exceptional web, mobile and social marketing to expand your brand exposure. Our dedicated Website Development Team works with you to create a custom-designed web page that elevates your exposure to new heights and allows you to promote the quality of your work by broadcasting images using social media integration.