Frequently Asked Questions

VR Site Tour Technical FAQs

What is included in my Photography managed services?

    Included is your cloud-based storage for all of your content, unlimited amount of photos and users so all members of your team can contribute, and our VR Site Tour App.

Can I use the service with photos taken from an iPhone?

    Within our app you are always free to add device images right from your iPhone, iPad and Android!

Can we do video with your VR camera?

    4K 360 video is ready to add to your plan! Easily add videos with weather data tagged directly to them.

About how long does the camera battery last?

    Four Hours

I already have a 360 camera. Can I still use your services?

    Absolutely! Our software is compatible with a number of 360 cameras on the market. You are free to sync it up and add content as you would with our camera.

How long does it take to completely navigate a site and take all necessary images?

    On average, you could document your entire site in approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Can I post on my social media accounts as well as my project management software straight from your app?

    Yes, share capabilities are available within our app.

If two of my staff are using this on site at the same time will there be a problem?

    Absolutely not. You can have as many people on site adding photos to the same plan as you would like. It will even tell you within the app who else is contributing to the plan at the same time you are.