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EarthCam's New GigapixelCam X2 Multitasking Jobsite Camera

June 25, 2020 -- EarthCam, the leading provider of construction camera technology and services, today announced the GigapixelCam X2 robotic camera, a premium quality solution for jobsite monitoring, live streaming visualization and continuous security recording. EarthCam’s rugged new camera is mounted on an ultra-precise pan/tilt/zoom base and delivers fast, responsive control over 4G wireless networks. Construction professionals will enjoy an ideal balance of 4K picture quality, ease of use and affordability. The GigapixelCam X2 creates highly-detailed 360° five gigapixel multilayered panoramas, meeting the highest standards of archival documentation.

“We’ve designed the GigapixelCam X2 as a no compromise, reliable visualization tool,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “This is the latest in a camera line-up that has been transforming the way companies monitor, document and promote their projects for more than two decades.”

The GigapixelCam X2 is a true multitasking camera, starting with ultra-sharp 4K live video captured with a wide angle Canon Zoom lens and streamed efficiently to multiple platforms, along with unlimited video clips that can be shared on-demand. Secondly, the X2 is unparalleled for still image capture, from five gigapixel panoramas that are automatically stitched together and multilayered from hundreds of images, to quick-shot 10 megapixel photographs that can be annotated and shared with stakeholders immediately. Thirdly, for security recording, up to 120 days can be continuously archived with the Edge Video Recorder. Intelligent monitoring and motion detection alerts make the GigapixelCam X2 like a 24hr onsite security guard.

The high quality still and video output from the GigapixelCam X2 also lends itself to a myriad of artificial intelligence (AI) analytic applications that are already being used, for example, to track jobsite activity, worker safety or to flag environmentally unfriendly waste in dumpsters.

For virtual design and construction teams, the GigapixelCam X2 integrates smoothly with leading building information modelling (BIM) software. EarthCam provides the unique capability to control live camera movement in sync with model navigation - when the camera moves, the model follows, and vice-versa, using bi-directional model navigation. Additionally, weather logs and daily reports can automatically be updated with sequential images within project management platforms such as Autodesk, PlanGrid and Procore.

All this content from multiple tasks can be recalled at any time using Broadway Media Player, EarthCam’s browser-based interface capable of displaying nine different types of media, making impactful public outreach for every project milestone effortless.

The GigapixelCam X2 enclosure is IP66/IP67 rated for use in all weather, and an optional wiper can be installed to deliver crystal clear, maintenance free images.  Solar power can be used making it a truly versatile system that can be installed in difficult locations. Unlike dome cameras which have limited vertical viewing capability, the X2 captures full vertical views of the largest scale construction projects, such as skyscrapers, bridges and stadiums.

Whatever the application for the GigapixelCam X2, its advanced camera technology and unique software is supported by EarthCam’s onsite installation teams and long-established, industry-leading customer support.

For more information, visit GigapixelCam X2.

About EarthCam

EarthCam is the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras and reality capture solutions for corporate and government clients. EarthCam leads the industry with the highest resolution imagery available, including the world’s first outdoor gigapixel panorama camera system. This patented technology delivers superior multi-billion pixel clarity for monitoring and archiving important projects and events. EarthCam has documented over a trillion dollars of construction projects around the world. The company is headquartered on a 10-acre campus in Northern New Jersey.

Projects documented by EarthCam include: Hudson Yards, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Los Angeles SoFi Stadium, Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium, Golden State Warriors’ Chase Center, LaGuardia Airport, TWA Hotel at JFK Airport, Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, Panama Canal Expansion, Qatar Rail, The Jeddah Tower, 56 Leonard Street, 432 Park Avenue, Whitney Museum of American Art, Louvre in Abu Dhabi, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty Museum, and the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

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