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Reddit User Spots Bizarre Object in Hudson River from EarthCam photo

World's largest photo of New York City reveals unknown species in busy waterway

April 01, 2022 -- Since EarthCam released the 'World's Largest Photo of New York City,' which quickly went viral last spring, viewers have been amazed by the incredible close up views of city blocks and streets that are possible when zooming into this massive 120 gigapixel image.  A recent post from a sharp-eyed Reddit user pointed out a bizarre object appearing to swim up the Hudson River. Surprisingly, no one else had discovered this previously.

The object was hard to spot, unless viewers carefully zoomed all the way into the 120,000 megapixel image at exactly the right location in the deepest part of the Hudson River. It is concerning to authorities that it has been nesting near the Statue of Liberty. The jury is still out on exactly what the object is, but scientists and laypeople are offering a range of contradictory theories. 

"It's definitely unusual to see a deep-sea creature like this so far up the Hudson River," said Patricia Johnson, Marine Biologist at Salt Lake Aquarium, who's team have been analyzing the image since it was discovered.

“First the naked guy – and now this?” said Redditor Stuart McDonald, referencing a viral article that appeared last May after a naked person was spotted in the image.

"It's got to be a government plot to freak out New Yorkers, and stop them swimming in the river" theorized a different Redditor.

"Aliens. Obviously" surmised another in a tweet.

Zoom in toward the Statue of Liberty and see it for yourself here:


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