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EarthCam Adds 200 New Cameras to EarthCamTV App - in Time for Earth Day - Harnesses AI to Drive It

April 22, 2022 -- This Earth Day, viewers can appreciate every corner of the world – live - with EarthCamTV 2, peeking in on the hustle and bustle of Times Square, New York, watching tourists cross Abbey Road in London or experiencing an Elephant Park live in Bali. EarthCamTV, is a top rated travel app available on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV, which transports viewers to important destinations around the world in real-time. 200 new camera locations were added to the global webcam network in 2022, including a Caribbean mountain-top vista from St. Thomas, a cityscape seen from above clouds at the Chicago Skydeck and a new underwater camera to go eye-to-eye with Florida manatees.

Today, EarthCam also premiered new views provided by EPIC Cam, NASA’s camera aboard the DSCOVR satellite, which beams down hourly images from a million miles above the earth.

Now showcasing more than 1,500 destinations, EarthCamTV uses its unique LiveCam AI artificial intelligence technology to process seasonal schedules, celestial position and weather data. The camera then automatically pans and tilts, based on the position of the sun – whether it is center-stage in a spectacular sunrise, or acting as a key-light source behind the camera to perfectly illuminate a vista. Unlike standard web camera services that simply follow robotic preset positions repeatedly at set time increments, EarthCam’s patent-pending AI guarantees that the most entertaining and aesthetically pleasing locations are highlighted 24/7 at exactly the right moment. EarthCamTV optimizes featured watchlists so that viewers won’t miss viral live events, or fascinating moments, such as when a falcon returns to its nest or when the party starts to pick up on Bourbon Street.

The Globe View, a new feature exclusive to Apple TV users creates a new way to interact with live cameras around the world by spinning the globe to navigate and discover real-time vistas within a detailed map-view. See the Globe View and more features here.

For more than 25 years, hundreds of millions of live views of EarthCam cameras have enabled people to escape to a new city, town or country. For viewers who just want to sit back and enjoy great content, EarthCamTV 2 comes with two free curated watchlists that are powered by EarthCam’s AI. Alternatively, users can choose to upgrade to the ‘All Access Pass’ to customize their own watchlists of cameras to stream for any time, in any order, ad free. Newly introduced is the option to upgrade to the ‘Premium All Access Pass’ for a logo-free, unbranded viewing experience.

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About EarthCam

EarthCam is the global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, it provides live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras and 360° reality capture for corporate and government clients. The company leads the industry with the highest resolution imagery available, including the world’s first outdoor gigapixel panorama camera system. This patented technology delivers superior multi-billion pixel clarity for monitoring and archiving important events.

The Webby Award winning company hosts many highly trafficked tourism cams, with views of popular locations and landmarks such as Times Square, Hollywood Boulevard, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Miami Beach, Key West, Bourbon Street, Temple Bar in Dublin, CN Tower, the Eiffel Tower and Abbey Road Crossing in London.

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