Professional-grade fixed position system is ideal for long-term projects in demanding environments.

  • 24 Megapixel archiving, live video preview, HD video clips and 4K time-lapse
  • Maintenance-free wiper and on-board diagnostic LED.
  • High quality documentation of ongoing progress and milestones with 24 Megapixel snapshots on demand.
  • Reliable on-board 4G LTE cellular modem for jobsites with little or no infrastructure.
  • Solar power upgrades available, creating a truly autonomous solution.

Standard Services


For optimal performance of your system, lean on our engineers to assemble, program, install and manage your cameras.

Control Center 8 provides ultimate visibility to all of your project content from desktop computers to mobile devices.

EarthCam has teamed up with third party solution providers to make all of the necessary content to manage a jobsite in one place.

EarthCam's experienced IT staff provides unlimited, single source management for the duration of your project.

Showcase progress and project milestones, such as groundbreakings and topping outs, with stunning HD imagery.

Increase awareness with an easy-to-use custom web page and elevate your exposure to new heights with reliable hosting services.

Available Options


EarthCam delivers a consistent, superior installation that ensures your system’s reliability, availability and serviceability.

EarthCam provides smart, reliable, earth-friendly power generation technology designed to meet today’s environmental challenges.

Do-it-yourself solution for documenting interiors and capturing interactive 360° images for a virtual tour of your project.