BroadcastCam Series

The best way to stream live video

  • Broadcast quality video over IP networks
  • TV, mobile and digital marketing with social media integration
  • Entertainment, news and weather solutions that reduce IT costs

See how this technology powers EarthCamTV – a live 24-hour TV channel featuring unique webcam content!

Our best live streaming video system
  • Full Frame HD video with panorama functionality
  • Broadcast quality video with precise PTZ control
  • Outdoor robotic system with wiper
Times Square HD
Times Square HD Client Page
Times Square NYE Archives
Times Square NYE Archives Time-Lapse
StreamCam HD Robotic
StreamCam HD Robotic
Live HD streaming video for tourism sites
  • Simultaneous HD video and audio streams at full frame
  • User-controllable remote robotic control with 120x zoom
  • All weather enclosure with heater, fan and wiper
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty Client Page
Algonquin Park
Algonquin Park Time-Lapse
StreamCam HD Dome
StreamCam HD Dome
Promote your location with live HD streams
  • Stream live video and audio at full frame
  • Robotic controls for a complete 360° view
  • All weather dome housing with heater and fan
Destin Life
Destin Life Client Page
Greenville Zoo - Giraffe
Greenville Zoo - Giraffe Time-Lapse
StreamCam 4K
StreamCam 4K
Cutting-edge camera with 4K resolution
  • Streams 16:9 full-frame live HD video
  • 8.3 Megapixel images
  • Weekly 15-second 4K clips
Notre Dame
Notre Dame Client Page
StreamCam HD
StreamCam HD
View your location with live HD streaming video
  • Live video and audio streams at full frame
  • Fixed-position camera system
  • All weather enclosure with heater, fan and wiper
Transylvania Client Page
Boardwalk Time-Lapse
Boardwalk Time-Lapse Time-Lapse