Rugged, self-powered trailer features a live robotic dome camera and optional digital detection equipment to analyze and manage traffic.

  • Reduce travel time and expenses with real-time active traffic management
  • Smart work zone analytics
  • Rapid deployment
  • Observe work zone safety remotely to accelerate operational effectiveness
  • Dual purpose for construction monitoring
  • Maintain situational awareness
  • Standalone wireless and self powered system is easy to deploy and setup
  • Robotic HD streaming 360° dome camera with 20x optical zoom
  • GPS 3G/4G modem or WiFi
  • 42' mast extension
  • 150 Watt solar panels, EFOY fuel cell capable
  • AGM sealed battery with disconnect switch, 75 Amp battery charger
  • Full size spare tire and removable tongue
  • Guy Wires to stabilize an extended mast and steady the camera shot

Standard Features


EarthCam provides expert advice by trained engineers before, during and after your camera is installed.

Control Center 8 provides ultimate visibility to all of your project content from desktop computers to mobile devices.

EarthCam provides everything needed to successfully monitor your webcam network, identify problems and manage resources.

EarthCam's experienced IT staff provides unlimited, single source management for the duration of your project.

Showcase progress and project milestones, such as groundbreakings and topping outs, with stunning HD imagery.

Increase awareness with an easy-to-use custom web page and elevate your exposure to new heights with reliable hosting services.

Available Options


EarthCam delivers a consistent, superior installation that ensures your system’s reliability, availability and serviceability.

EarthCam’s network of on-site tech ensures your camera system's reliability, availability and serviceability.

EarthCam has developed solutions and accessories for real-time data analysis and proven hardware for any mounting location.