Invite the World to Your Next Event or Project

Broadcast to the public live in streaming video or capture megapixel photographs for documentation and monitoring.

Take your event global with live streaming webcam technology. Invite viewers to join your special events live with broadcast-quality streaming. Share online to gain added exposure and drive traffic to your website.

Take viewers behind the scenes with construction progress updates for your TV or movie sets. Capture progress with high-quality live streaming video and webcam imagery. Showcase each step, from storyboard to Take 1, and share the exciting process.

EarthCam offers a complete solution encompassing the technology, software and hosting services specifically for the entertainment industry. You can use the broadcast quality webcam streams on air, online or on mobile devices. Expose your content to millions of viewers with our 24-hour live channel, ConstructionCamTV. Drive traffic to your website and generate interest by sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Bring your live webcam views to the TV screen for increased exposure. Provide unique and entertaining live streaming content for scenic views, weather forecasts and more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

New AI-powered image analytics enable EarthCam to use intelligent video analysis with the learning capability of AI to process live video, archived recordings and still photos. The first product to include AI support was the EarthCam skill for Amazon Echo Show and recently EarthCam added AI-powered recognition technology for identifying obstructions and performing quality control for its premium time-lapse content. EarthCam is leveraging AI to make its webcam content more engaging and is constantly delivering a more valuable product at no additional cost to the customer.

Promote your special events and celebrations with automatically-generated time-lapse videos using Control Center 8 or consult with our award-winning producers who will customize a cinematic finished product. Share with the public to generate excitement and post your dynamic video online.

Software - Control Center 8

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) empowers users with high quality imagery, on-site data and collaboration tools all in one easy-to-use solution. EarthCam delivers proven capabilities for reducing the cost and complexity of managing your own solution.

  • Broadcast quality streams
  • Preset camera views
  • Multiple simultaneous viewers
  • Live stream secured & encrypted via https transport
  • Safe remote access - desktop & mobile
  • Flexible archiving options
  • Time-lapse record & playback
  • Weather data - current & historical
  • Take instant snapshots anytime
  • Email, save & share content
  • Easily embed in any website
  • Image mark-up & comparison tools
  • Continuous support & training

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Drive tourism to your unique destination with EarthCam's live streaming video and HD panoramic images. Attract new guests with live content they can instantly post and share on social media. Invite millions to wake up to your destination with EarthCam's broadcast-quality tourism content, which is regularly featured on major news outlets.