Middle East

The GCC's leading construction and development companies are relying on EarthCam time-lapse construction cameras to document the biggest projects in the region.

Document major projects and share progress with the world

Promote your company and the region's most significant projects with time-lapse movies.

Time-Lapse Cameras

Jobsite documentation

Live Streaming Cameras

Real-time jobsite monitoring

Camera Options

Flexible and ready for any location

From space, air and ground, EarthCam covers your jobsite documentation needs. We will fly a satellite to map, monitor and measure the entire scope of any engineering or infrastructure project from 0.5-meter resolution imagery. The 0.5-meter resolution imagery is so accurate that it discerns an object on the ground approximately 16 inches in size using both multispectral imagery and panchromatic imagery.

Maximize the benefits of your project documentation process by combining all-weather cameras and 3D imaging with EarthCam's UAV and aerial imagery services. EarthCam Air also provides cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools for sharing the unique content derived during UAV flights over your jobsite.

Send a powerful message about your Middle East development project using EarthCam's wide array of media marketing services. Increase public and customer awareness about your company and the region with an engaging webcam page created by our Website Development Team. Drive traffic to your website by sharing interesting images and video on social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Software - Control Center 8

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model empowers users with high quality imagery, project information, onsite data and collaboration tools all in one easy-to-use solution.

  • Safe remote access - desktop & mobile
  • Live stream secured & encrypted via https transport
  • Flexible archiving options
  • Time-lapse record & playback
  • Weather data - current & historical
  • Take instant snapshots anytime
  • Email, save & share content
  • Easily embed in any website
  • Satellite map & site plan integration
  • Image mark-up & comparison tools
  • Automated progress reports
  • Unlimited users with various control levels
  • Continuous support & training

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