Advanced Network Camera Technology

EarthCam webcam systems meet the demands of projects of all sizes with the largest selection of reliable hardware powered by proven, easy-to-use software.

Innovative Webcam Solutions for Any Project

NEW! Solstice Series

Solar-powered cameras for cost-effective construction monitoring and documentation. Solstice systems are fast to deploy, and easy to install, using fewer components and recyclable materials. Live stream, archive and create time-lapse video in a significantly smaller footprint utilizing a single high-efficiency solar panel.

  • New level of sustainability for jobsite visual data
  • Reduce environmental impact with modular, lightweight cameras
  • Advanced battery technology and low power consumption

Time-Lapse Series

Designed to deliver superior quality image clarity for detailed construction site documentation. Our industry leading HD megapixel technology includes the world's only outdoor robotic system capable of producing panoramas with up to 120 billion pixels.

  • Stunning panoramic imagery promotes your project
  • Crisp, high definition archived images document compliance
  • Monitor your jobsite from multiple angles in all weather conditions

Live Streaming Series

Expertly crafted to produce the fastest live streaming video for project monitoring. These dependable heavy-duty network cameras operate in extreme weather conditions. This series includes remote user-controllable Pan, Tilt, Zoom and multiple preset angles.

  • Save travel time and money with remote viewing
  • Avoid delays and disputes
  • Make qualified decisions quickly

Security & Surveillance Series

Maintain a healthy, safe and secure jobsite with industry-leading camera integrations and software. Engineered for continuous observation and hazardous duty, cameras with AI object recognition capabilities are uniquely able to help clients deter theft, increase safety and reduce costs.

  • Monitor important locations remotely with automated alerts
  • Protect critical infrastructure with Central Station Monitoring
  • Maintain situation awareness with live streaming & 'digital fence'

VR 360° Site Tour Camera Kit

This all-in-one portable photography documentation solution creates virtual reality photographs of any interior jobsite. The fast, cost-effective method captures 360° photos that contain as much critical information as 8 separate photos.

  • Eliminate the need for expensive photography services
  • Transmit data-rich content that is automatically organized by location within site plans
  • Present weekly updates to stakeholders using easy to use standard reports

Entertainment & Media Series

Designed for media companies seeking network camera technology that delivers broadcast quality, full frame, streaming video. From live feeds on-air for traffic and weather reporting to website and mobile applications, the Entertainment & Media Series
provide a low cost alternative to hardwired or microwave camera technology.

  • Reach your audience with broadcast-quality video over IP networks
  • Promote through TV, web and mobile marketing with social media integration
  • Reduce IT costs with these entertainment, news and weather solutions

Mobile Trailer Cam Series

Built tough to provide the maximum flexibility in portable systems for short or long-term projects. The systems combine fast, easy deployment with self-generated solar power and wireless communications for both construction sites and work zone monitoring.

  • Active traffic management with smart work zone analytics
  • Always be aware of the current situation with event-based alerts
  • Reduce travel related expenses with real-time remote monitoring

Custom Systems

Creating custom webcam technology is our specialty if your project demands unique camera solutions - EarthCam can design, produce, deploy and maintain it.

  • Solutions are developed to fit any budget
  • Benefit from full service support to save time and resources
  • Expert consultants and engineers build a solution unique to your application

Solar and Alternative Energy

When you select EarthCam you select smart, reliable, earth-friendly power generation technology designed to meet today's environmental challenges.

  • Meet any clients needs with sustainable remote power solutions
  • Reliable alerts such as battery status keep you in control
  • Options such as solar, wind and fuel cells provide cost effective alternatives


With EarthCam you can take advantage of global satellite connectivity, high-speed cellular data networks and the latest low-cost microwave transmission.

  • Eliminate expense and time of installing direct cabling
  • Solutions to support both line of sight and near line of sight
  • Easily relocate portable systems with cellular wireless data modems


EarthCam engineers develop solutions and innovative accessories for real-time data analysis and provide proven hardware for any mounting location.

  • Guard against outages with battery and image backup systems
  • Ensure jobsite compliance with advanced weather information
  • Washers & mounts for high quality image capture for time-lapse movies

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